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Cake Pops

Our cute Cake Pops are composed of a deliciously fresh baked cake dipped in our premium Belgian chocolate. Cake Pops are also available in the flavours Vanilla and Chocolate Fudge. They come in a variety of designs and toppings, all of which can be customised to your liking, theme or party. Cake Pops are available in the following shapes: 


Cake Pops - £3

Flat Cake Pops - £3

Ice Cream Cake Pop Cones - £3.50 


There is a minimum order of 6 Cake Pops required. These can also be individually wrapped with an extra charge, starting from £1. Flat Cake Pops are available to view in Image 3.

Please note, Cake Pops are best to consume within 2 weeks of collection/delivery. Cakes Pops are best to be stored in the fridge until consumption. These are also available for Postal Orders.

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