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Our best-selling Cakesicles consist of a freshly baked cake coated in our premium Belgian chocolate. These are also available in a variety of designs and toppings, all of which can be customised to your liking, theme or party. They are available in the flavours Vanilla and Chocolate Fudge. Cakesicles are available in the following shapes:


Regular Cakesicles - £3.50

Heart Cakesicles - £3.50

Twister Cakesicles - £3.50 

Oval Ridge Cakesicles - £3.50

Zig Zag Cakesicles - £3.50

Heart Gems - £3.50

Chocolate Bar Cakesicles - £4


Cakesicles start from £3.50 each with an additional charge for personalisation. These can also be individually wrapped with an extra charge. There is a minimum order of 5 Cakesicles required. 

Please note, Cakesicles are best to consume within 2 weeks of collection/delivery. Cakesicles are best to be stored in the fridge until consumption. These are also available for Postal Orders.

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