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Our NEW Chocolate Filled Dates box inlcude 15 Dates filled with:


  • Chocolate Brownie topped with crushed brownie
  • Lotus Biscoff Spread topped with crushed lotus
  • Smooth Peanut Butter Spread topped with crushed peanuts 
  • Milk Chocolate topped with crushed oreos


The box will contain a Ramadan Dua Card and a Ramadan Mubarak topper.


Once your order has been collected please ensure you store it either in the Fridge or a cool place.


  • To order, please complete an enquiry form or message us directly on Instagram
  • Collection is from Darnley, Glasgow (G53)
  • If you wish to proceed with Delivery, please state your Postcode whilst enquiring (delivery charges apply). Deliveries will take place from 5pm.

Chocolate Filled Dates Box

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