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The Smash Box

Within ‘THE SMASHBOX’ the recipient can smash through the Chocolate Heart to find cakesicles, chocolates and a heart gem. However, you may opt to provide us with the contents you want inside it.

For example money, jewellery box or anything else that can sustain a hammer being whacked against it!

Just as any of our FCS Treats, this can be personalised to your requirements. The colour theme can be changed and of course the contents.

The Smashbox including Strawberries (outwith the box) and Cakesicles (inside the box) is £40.

The Smashbox including Strawberries is £35. You can replace the Cakesicles with your own contents such as a jewellery box.

The Smashbox without Strawberries and Cakesicles is £30.

This is not available for postage. 

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